Active Engine Maintenance

We here at GEMCO are big believers in "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." By this, we mean that by doing small, proactive, things it is possible to extend the life of your aircraft engine and reduce its ongoing maintenance costs.

When you enroll in any of GEMCO's products, you automatically get a free oil sample on us, as well as a wealth of other information that will help you track the performance of your engine over time. And, although we don't mandate oil analysis to stay on our programs, we hope that owners do it in the interest of both safety, and saving money. This is because by proactively tracking this data, you are able to identify abnormal trends early, and take the appropriate corrective action before small problems become big problems that leave you grounded where you don't want to be.

For example, changing your oil every 50 hours (this assumes you have a spin-on oil filter, 25 for those of you with screens), and sampling the oil at that interval will quickly build up a wear trend that will identify how your engine is aging based on similar engines. With this information, a spike in a certain type of contaminate metal will quickly identify the abnormally wearing component, and you and your maintenance professional can then decide how you want to address the issue together, and at a time convenient for you. 

Going a step further, you can use GEMCO's trend monitoring sheets provided to you when you enroll in one of our programs. By recording the information on a consistant basis, any abnormal trends should be easy to spot. This type of monitoring can be used in conjunction with oil sample analysis to confirm trends and hypothesis you may have on the condition of your engine and its accessories.

There will only be a few engines that are capable of making their TBO without any unscheduled maintenance. But, by utilizing the trend monitoring information that GEMCO provides, as well as taking some other proactive steps every time you fly, you'll find that your engine lasts longer, and doesn't require as many stops in the maintenance shop. If you're lucky, you might even get the option of operating in the sacred land of "beyond TBO."

But, for now, a number a day keeps the mechanic away.

Dylan Grimm