Your Contract

People who enroll in one of Gemco's programs are usually amazed by the size of our contract. And, no, not how much ink and paper it requires. When we started this company, all of us here at Gemco wanted to give the general aviation community all the tools and techniques the larger operators have at their disposal to effectively operate their aircraft. To do this, we had to combine everything that was great about those "big boy" programs, and bring it to a level that could allow everybody to utilize it. The end result was Gemco's products, and the contracts that go along with them. And, although short, the information contained in your contract is concise, and practical.

Some important highlights in every contract are:

1. You have to complete all the maintenance and inspections required by both the manufacturer, and Federal Law. Sure, this one sounds like a gimme. I mean, com'n, who doesn't maintain their aircraft to at least the legal standard? But, this single step is the most important when it comes to fighting unexpected breakdowns. Annual inspections are a great time to slow down and address ongoing squawks with your aircraft, while mandatory maintenance items give both you and your maintenance professional an insight into the longevity built into your aircraft by the manufacturer. Although the information contained in the FARs and your maintenance manual are not the be-all-end-all of keeping your aircraft operation trouble free, its another tool that we can proactively manage our aircraft's natural degradation.

2. Pre-enrollment oil analysis. When you sign up for a Gemco product, you get an oil analysis kit free of charge. Period. From our prospective, we need to understand how your engine is doing on the inside before we can cover you. And, although some owners are intimidated by the fact that we require the submission of the analysis sample (as if we don't want them on our program), we want people to understand that we are not trying to prevent you from enrolling. Proactive owners will use this sample to start establishing baseline trends that they can follow through on further oil analysis in the future. We here at Gemco understand that, just like their owners, all aircraft engines are unique and wear in different patterns. So, when you get your sample kit in the mail with the rest of your enrollment kit, don't sweat it. Just collect the oil, send it in to be reviewed, and join the ranks of other operators who have taken control of their aircraft maintenance with Gemco.


3. Continual hour reporting. Most flight schools and commercial operations track the number of hours flown on their aircraft for the purposes of billing the appropriate party. Private owners, however, may or may not track the hours flown unless required for a logbook entry. Gemco has all aircraft owners and operators on our programs to report their hours on a continual basis. This way, owners know exactly where they stand on future liabilities, and how their savings plans are developing along with their aging equipment.


These small things are part of every Gemco product. And, as talked about in several earlier posts, they all act together to help owners maintain situational awareness of their financial standing with relation to accrued liabilities of their aircraft. Without these components, we're like someone stumbling around their room in the middle of the night without a light. If we stub our toe on something, we have no one to blame but ourselves.



Dylan Grimm