How Does Gemco's Program Work?

Scheduled Maintenance

Your car has a recommended maintenance schedule published by the manufacturer. This maintenance program ensures that components subject to wear-and-tear are are inspected and replaced before they suffer a catastrophic failure. This program includes everything from oil changes, tire rotations, braking system inspections, timing belt replacements, and other critical items.

Without a plan to save for these scheduled maintenance events, many owners find that they are financially unprepared for them. With your own customized automotive program from Gemco, you can ensure that you're putting the appropriate amount of money away for scheduled maintenance.

Pay As You Drive

Unlike many maintenance programs offered by auto manufacturers and dealers, Gemco's programs require no up-front lump sum payment besides a small, one-time, enrollment fee. Instead, you only pay for each mile that you actually drive. An average Gemco program that covers things like replacement tires, oil changes, timing belt services, and a variety of other recommended manufacturer maintenance items can cost only $.05 per mile.

What does this mean for you?

  1. One time, lump sum, maintenance programs offered by manufactures and dealers over charge for maintenance and offer very little transparency to the buyer. Gemco programs have a very specific contract that outlines what we cover, and when we cover it. As the buyer, you will clearly understand your obligations, and ours. We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty, not swindling.
  2. Because of the large amount of a single lump sum payment, many buyers have to roll the cost of these traditional programs into their auto loan. This means paying additional interest on an already overpriced and opaque product. Gemco's programs are designed to provide financially affordable solutions that let car owners focus less on the drudgery of maintenance expenses, and more on the fun part: the drive.

An Example

A Gemco Automotive program can cost as little as only $.05 per mile. When enrolled, this price includes fixed price payments to cover oil changes, tire rotations and replacement filters, brakes, transmission fluid flushes, timing belts, spark plugs, and many other scheduled maintenance items.

How do we bill? Each month, you simply report the number of miles that you drove, and your bill is customized to reflect your usage. If you take advantage of our automatic billing program, you can simply report the miles you drive each month and not have to do anything else. We'll automatically calculate your accrued maintenance liability and send you a receipt for the amount charged.

Are There Additional Benefits?

In addition to covering the cost of your future scheduled maintenance, Gemco's programs offer plenty of additional benefits.

  1. Tax-Advantaged - Are you driving for a ride share company, or using your car for proprietorship, partnership, or corporate needs? If so, Gemco's program can act as a predictable write-off expense on your taxes versus unpredictable expenses accrued through other methods of paying for maintenance. Furthermore, when enrolled on a Gemco program, you know exactly what your car's maintenance is costing you, and what you need to charge when operating it.
  2. Transferable - Gemco's program is transferable to new owners, as well as between different cars. If you decide to sell your car in the future, you can choose if you want to sell your car with the equity built into your Gemco program attached to it, if you want to roll the equity into your next car, or if you want a lump sum payment of your equity. No matter what you choose, our research shows cars with Gemco's program have a resale value up to 15% higher than those without.
  3. Know What Maintenance You Actually Need - Many people are afraid of getting maintenance done on their car for a single, simple reason: they don't know what maintenance it needs. Gemco ensures that you are aware of all of the manufacturer recommended maintenance items, as well as an up-to-date expected cost. Don't let uncertainty be the reason you don't maintain your vehicle!
  4. Intelligent Pricing - Gemco's programs price themselves to account for inflation, additional regulatory requirements, and economic activity. Owners who fail to account for these things can find themselves unprepared for their next maintenance event.
  5. Consistent Financial Support - While enrolled on a Gemco program, we are here to provide you with the support you need to navigate the financial hurdles of car ownership, and how to integrate your car expenses into operating your business.
  6. Flexible Program Design - Every single one of Gemco's programs are custom built for the customer's specific needs.

Contact Us to have a Gemco representavtive reach out to you, answer your questions, build a custom program, and help get you started.