Flight Schools


Flight schools produce aviators. We help you do it profitably.

Owning a flight school is more difficult today than it has ever been. Customers are always looking for the best value in flight training. This includes the best instructors, modern aircraft, and affordable rates. All this on top of competing directly with other popular activities like skiing, boating, and traveling. To make yourself profitable, you need every advantage you can get.

Gemco's programs are designed to give you the edge. Our hourly cost stabilization programs allow you to actually understand the true direct costs of operating your aircraft, so you can price your aircraft at the most competitive rate. Your job is to train future aviators; our job is to manage the financial aspect of your future engine overhaul. Let the experts at Gemco develop a unique program tailored directly for your fleet of aircraft, and follow through on program implementation.

Gemco programs offer flight schools benefits like:

#1. Tax Deductible - Gemco's programs provide flight schools the ability to write off all of their payments into their unique program. This method provides owners with more predictable expense write-offs than traditional depreciation, and permits the school take advantage of tax advantages throughout the entire life of the engine, and not just on the IRS' timeline.

#2.  Transferability - Equity built up by the flight school in an engine's overhaul program can be transferred between owners, and between engines. So, if you ever decide to sell your flight school aircraft, you can significantly increase the marketability of the aircraft.

#3.  Customized Pricing - Many flight schools and individual owners don't really know what their next overhaul is going to cost. Gemco's experts can offer you a real overhaul price that is adjusted to compensate for the most missed factors that need to be considered when pricing an overhaul.

#4. Financial Support - Your job is teaching people to become pilots. Our job is to manage the financial side of your next overhaul. Gemco has experts who deal with overhauls every day; let us do the hard work of creating and implementing your next overhaul plan. You have enough on your plate.

#5. Flexible Program Design - All of Gemco's programs are custom designed to fit into your unique operation. Gemco offers a group of programs that cover everything you might operate, and address all of your concerns. Gemco has experience working with aircraft in leaseback arrangements. One-size-fits-all philosophies don't work with students, and they don't work when preparing for financial liabilities.

#6. Have a Real Plan - You need a real plan to address your future overhauls. Don't just throw money away trying to build a reserve account. Gemco's experts will create a custom program, modify it based on your input, and then follow through with program implementation. Your overhaul has never been easier.

Contact Gemco today, and start building a program that works for, and with you.