Gemco Automotive


Don't rely on luck to help cover your scheduled maintenance.

Rely on Gemco. Gemco is established as one of the leading providers of hourly cost stabilization programs for aircraft, and now we introduce the ability for you to take advantage of cost stabilization programs for your car.

The first step in allowing your car to give you years of reliable service is compliance with the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule. However, with modern cars, the recommended maintenance maze can be confusing and expensive. Gemco has expert staff that can guide you to what scheduled maintenance your manufacturer recommends for your specific make, model, and year and develop a cost savings program that bills you monthly to ensure that you're covered for when maintenance has to be done.

The best part? Any equity you build up in your Gemco program is transferable. If you decide to sell your car, your Gemco program can either travel with the car to the next owner, or transfer to your next ride. Your built-up equity is never lost. Whenever your gameplan changes, Gemco is there to work with you to realize the maximum resale value of your ride, and prepare you for your next one.