Gemco's "Fly On" Program

For those enrolled on Gemco's Overhaul Savings program, Gemco offers the "Fly On" program to lower overall program costs by allowing owners to operate beyond TBO. This program is not available for our Part 135 and 121 operators who do not possess the operational authority to operate beyond the listed manufacturer TBO.

When an owner elects to participate in the "Fly On" program, they will be allowed to defer the benefits of their Gemco program account for a certain period of time.

The maximum deferral period allowed under the "Fly On" program is:

a.) 150% of the manufacturer hourly TBO limitation.

For example, if you operate an aircraft with an O-320-D2J engine with a 2000 hour/12 year overhaul interval, you are allowed to defer the acceptance of your Gemco account benefit to 3000 hours. Gemco's "Fly-On" program no longer incorporates any limits for calandar TBO.

The "Fly On" program is not available to those customers who are enrolled only on Gemco's Catastrophic program.

If you make the election to utilize the "Fly On" program, you will not be obligated to make any additional payments upon reaching the manufacturer listed TBO (hourly limitation). An owner/operator can make the election to utilize the benefit of the "Fly On" program at any time. Refer to your contract for more detailed information on how to make this election, or contact us directly for more detailed program information.