Helicopter Savings Program


Your next overhaul is coming. Be prepared.

Helicopters are not just airplanes. And it goes further than just requiring a special license to fly one. They have special maintenance requirements that owners and operators need to keep in the corner of their minds for every hour they fly. The most important of which is the mandatory airframe/engine overhaul. This usually happens every 12 years, or 2200 hours.

Your helicopter's 12-year overhaul is coming. Don't be caught out when it does. Gemco offers piston engine helicopter owners and operators the ability to utilize a fixed monthly cost savings program designed just for them. Unlike our Overhaul Savings program, which only saves up money for the engine overhaul, our Helicopter Savings program allows owners and operators to save for their airframe as well.

Benefits that owners and operators can take advantage of when enrolling in Gemco's Helicopter program includes:

  1. Consistent Tax-Deductible Expense - Gemco's program acts as a consistent monthly expense that owners and operators can count on when operating their aircraft. Depending on each individual's unique tax situation, it may be possible to take a deduction for the money put into the program.
  2. Transferable Between Owners and Aircraft - If you decide in the future to sell your helicraft, our program allows you to transfer your reserve equity to either the next owner, or your new helicraft's future overhaul.
  3. Reserve Always Available - In the event you require a premature overhaul, your reserve account is always available to you. Instead of tying up your money in illiquid investments, you can enjoy the peace-of-mind of constant availability.
  4. Intelligent Pricing - Gemco works with you to develop an agreed upon overhaul price that accounts for many of the potential bumps in the road many owners/operators traditionally do not account for such as inflation and new requirements. Our pricing methodology ensures that you have a definitive plan to reach your overhaul goals.
  5. Avoid The Need For Financing - Gemco programs, when compared with financing your future overhaul, are usually cheaper. Gemco allows you to stay ahead of the power curve.
  6. Consistent Financial Support - You'll always have access to Gemco's support if you ever feel like your changing operational environment is degrading the effectiveness of your savings plan. We're here to make sure owning your helicraft is easy. Smooth landings are still up to you.
  7. Be Covered No Matter How You Fly - Our program covers you whether you reach the hourly, or calendar limit of your TBO.
  8. Flexible Program Design - The Overhaul Savings program can be designed to work in any type of ownership structure you are in. Gemco's Fleet and Multi-Engine programs are available to individuals with multiple engines under management.

Let us help you manage your helicopter: Contact Gemco, and we'll help you work through financially planning for your helicopter's next major overhaul. Gemco is the smart way to save for your overhaul.