What Can Gemco Do For You?


"I want a smart, tax-advantaged way to save for overhaul while having the ability to build equity in my aircraft while flying."

Gemco's Overhaul Savings program was specifically designed for owners and operators to save for overhaul while providing predictable, tax-deductible monthly payments to a virtual reserve account that is transferable between owners, and transferable between engines. Gemco can work with you to build a unique program for your specific engine and ownership arrangement (Leaseback, dry-lease, etc.). Whether you have only a couple hundred hours until overhaul or a couple thousand, this is the smart way to save. Contact Gemco to start building your specialized program.


"I own a helicopter, and want to take advantage of the engine Overhaul Savings program for my next mandatory 12-year overhaul."

Gemco is pleased to introduce its Helicopter Overhaul Savings program. Packed with all the same benefits as the engine Overhaul Savings program, the helicopter specific version is designed to address the larger financial liability of a helicopter overhaul. Contact Gemco to get started on building your custom program.


"I own/operate a flight school, or fleet of aircraft, and need a solution for all of my planes."

Gemco offers people and companies operating fleets of aircraft many options for designing and building unique programs that best suit their needs at a discounted rate. Gemco's experts are well versed with many ownership arrangements (such as leaseback arrangements), and can work with you and your specific operational framework. Contact Gemco to start taking advantage of the fiscal benefits of our programs tailored toward your operation.


"I'm concerned about potential unexpected expenses associated with owning and operating my aircraft."

Gemco's Unscheduled Coverage program is designed to provide peace-of-mind in a true hourly payment program. For a fixed hourly cost, you can cover yourself from unexpected engine maintenance costs by paying a low hourly rate as you fly. Contact us to learn more about "Catastrophic" Coverage, and start flying protected.