Flying Clubs


Flying clubs have changed the way people think about aircraft ownership...

And Gemco is changing the way flying clubs think about saving for their next overhaul.

With multiple members, and potentially multiple aircraft, operating a flying club is difficult. Ensuring that all the members equally contribute based on the club's agreement to ensure meeting liabilities is a laborious process that no one wants to undertake.

Gemco's programs provide to clubs the ability to stabilize their expenses, while giving them the ability to accurately predict their future liabilities. Gemco's hourly engine programs used to only be available to large corporate and commercial operators, and now they are available for your club.

Some of the benefits of enrolling your club's aircraft on a Gemco program include:

  1. Consistent and Predictable Payments - Gemco's programs are designed to make operating your flight club easier. After your program is developed and implemented, you will know exactly what your aircraft costs to operate, and what members need to pay based on your unique club's arrangement.
  2. Transferable Between Owners and Aircraft - The needs of your club are ever changing. If your club decides to sell an aircraft in the future, our program allows you to transfer your reserve equity to either the next owner, or your new aircraft engine.
  3. Reserve Always Available - In the event you require a premature overhaul, your reserve account is always available to you. Instead of tying up your money in illiquid investments, you can enjoy the peace-of-mind of constant availability.
  4. Intelligent Pricing - Gemco works with your club to develop an agreed upon engine overhaul price that accounts for many of the potential bumps in the road many owners/operators traditionally do not account for such as inflation and new requirements. Our price plan ensures that you have a definitive plan to reach your overhaul goals.
  5. Consistent Financial Support - You'll always have access to Gemco's support if you ever feel like your changing operational environment is degrading the effectiveness of your savings plan. We're here to make sure owning your airplane is easy. Smooth landings are still up to you.
  6. Fly Beyond TBO - Gemco allows clubs to fly beyond TBO using our "Fly-On" program. These extra hours can act to reduce your liability, or provide you with no additional payments towards your reserve account.
  7. Flexible Program Design - Our programs can be designed to work in any type of ownership structure you are in. Whether you have a couple hundreds hours or a couple thousand hours until your next overhaul, we can design a program for you.