Part 121/135


Aviation is a competitive industry. Take every advantage you can get.

Operating under parts 121 and 135 is one of the most challenging businesses to be in. On top of meeting extensive regulatory requirements, you need to offer your customers the most competitive price you can to keep planes flying, not sitting.

Gemco understands the competitive nature of this business. Gemco's roots can be traced to working with 135 operators, and it continues to serve this industry with its special hourly cost stabilization programs. Just like programs offered for operators who utilize larger turbine aircraft, Gemco programs offer operators benefits that are difficult to ignore:

#1. Tax-Deductible - All of Gemco's programs can be tax deductible, depending on your unique tax situation.

#2. Transferrable Between Owners and Aircraft - Gemco programs can transfer between owners and between aircraft. This provides operators with the greatest amount of flexibility when they tailor their fleet to meet their customers unique needs.

#3. Intelligent Pricing - Instead of just guessing what your next overhaul will cost, Gemco's team of experts will develop a price, and program, that will ensure that you meet your financial obligations for your overhauls. Gemco's team of experts specializes in the development and implementation of customized programs.

#4. Financial Support - Gemco is always available to offer you operational support if you feel your changing operational environment is hampering the effectiveness of your savings program.

#5. Have a Real Plan - Instead of just throwing money away for your next overhaul, let Gemco show you how you can have a real plan for your next overhaul that can lower your costs, give you the maximum tax advantage, and real expert support.

Learn more about Gemco's programs, and contact Gemco to start your enrollment today.