Aircraft Programs

Protect and prepare yourself for both unscheduled and scheduled maintenance events through Gemco's selection of uniquely designed programs. All of Gemco's programs are designed to be affordable, and tax advantaged.


Engine Overhaul Savings Program

Saving for your next overhaul can be difficult. Gemco's Overhaul Savings program is designed to take the complexity out of saving for your next overhaul by providing you with a team of professionals devoted to developing custom tailored solutions for your specific operational needs at an affordable price that is usually less than that for a loan to finance your next overhaul.

Helicopter Savings Program

Your helicopter's 12-year overhaul is coming, don't be caught out when it does. Gemco offers helicopter owners and operators the ability to utlize a fixed monthly cost savings program.

Combination Programs

Gemco allows owners to combine multiple programs on their aircraft. By doubling up on the types of coverage you get, Gemco offers owners a discount on the depending on the types of protection selected. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can develop a unique solution for your operating environment.

Fleet and Multi-Engine Discounts

Gemco is now proud to offer discounts for owners and operators who need a solution that works for their entire fleet of aircraft, or for their aircraft with multiple engines. Contact Gemco today, and learn about the savings, and tax advantages of enrolling your fleet of aircraft on our programs.

Owners and operators can reference Gemco's article concerning the advantage of enrolling leasebacked aircraft on our programs.

Unscheduled "Catastrophic" Coverage

**Because of high demand, and a large number of current program enrollees, Gemco is not accepting new customers into the Catastrophic program at this time. Interested customers should contact Gemco to be added to our waiting list for the next available enrollment period.**

If you want to protect yourself from an unforeseen event, Gemco's Unscheduled Coverage program will protect you. Starting at just $3/hour, Gemco's Unscheduled Coverage program will be there when your engine is not.

Unique Programs

If your operating environment is unique, you may require a unique set of engine management and planning services. Gemco is willing to work with you to develop the appropriate group of services to assist you in planning for future liabilities and risk. Gemco is here for you, so contact us today to start the process of developing a comprehensive solution built specifically for your operation.