Unscheduled "Catastrophic" Program

**Because of high demand, and a large number of current program enrollees, Gemco is not accepting new customers into the Catastrophic program at this time. Interested customers should contact Gemco to be added to our waiting list for the next available enrollment period.**

When looking to own and operate an aircraft, it was expected that prospective buyers estimate what is will cost to operate their engine over a period of time. This method, however, did not work for large corporate and commercial operators. Competitive markets, selective customers, and operational necessity dictated that operators adopted a method of cost stabilization to operate their aircraft. And, although there are plenty of companies and manufacturers that tailor to the large turbine engines utilized by large airframes, piston aircraft owners were left behind. Until now.

Gemco's Unscheduled program is designed to eliminate unexpected large ownership costs associated with owning an aircraft engine. Instead of sporadic, large payments, Gemco's Unscheduled program evenly spreads costs out over the time an engine is used.

All owners and operators are charged a flat hourly fee for each hour they use their aircraft. Then, when components of an engine fail, Gemco will cover the replacement cost of the broken components. This includes the engine, and all engine driven accessories (yes, even the turbo).

This method of cost stabilization allows owners to predict what it will actually cost to own and operate their aircraft, and make informed decisions on what they can, and cannot, afford.

Contact Gemco today to learn how we design a special program for each individual customer, and about more benefits of an hourly cost stabilization program.